Can a minimalist perspective redefine the use of sophisticated ornamentation? Tarek Wagih’s designs resolve the paradox: inspired by the intricacy and beauty of oriental calligraphy and geometric patterns, our design lines reflect the simplicity of modern minimalism and the grace of oriental Arabic and Islamic art and design.

Tarek Wagih’s signature artefacts are a product of years of deliberation on minimalist architecture and its potential to transform Arabic and Islamic art. Even though minimalism was a movement born to reject surplus details, it should not lose sight of the fact that it still needs to be inspired and guided by its own culture. In our designs, the elaborate texture of Arabic calligraphic and geometric ornamentation is diligently rediscovered through existential commitment of minimalism to primordial form. In this sense our designs aims to liberate minimalism from its trap in crude abstraction, injecting it with a strong yet a subtle cultural constituent.

Each bespoke signature piece of furniture or accessory is meticulously handmade from the finest materials, using techniques that are often age old, some of which are on the brink of extinction. Hence, the individuality and matchless quality of each piece made by our team of craftsmen, all of whom are dedicated to deliver the highest level of craftsmanship. For our craftsmen what they produce is more than just an occupation; it is a lifetime passion synonymous with their very being.