Quranic Verses-Alam Nashrah

One of a limited edition miniatures comprising 12 minimalist designs of verses of the holy Quran. Designed by Tarek Wagih, each key word or phrase of the verse is hand pressed in chrome while the rest of the verse is meticulously handwritten in black ink by the master calligrapher Sayed El-Koamy to give a one of a kind feeling to each piece. Each piece is framed in white with a white double mount to give it depth and enhance its visual experience. Best Displayed in a set of four, three or two frames with a distance of 10 cm between each frame.

Frame Dimensions: Width 50 cm  Height 70 cm

Mount Dimensions: Width 21 cm  Height 21 cm

أَلَمْ نَشْرَحْ لَكَ صَدْرَكَ • وَوَضَعْنَا عَنْكَ وِزْرَكَ • الَّذِي أَنْقَضَ ظَهْرَكَ • وَرَفَعْنَا لَكَ ذِكْرَكَ (الشرح 1-8)

Material: Mixed media: Handwritten ink with hand pressed chrome leaf on white Bristol paper.

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